Madhouse Satirical Revue

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Name: Madhouse Satirical Revue

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A range of sketches revealing the absurdities of society.

Marriage Counsellor:
A satirical look at those who know what’s best and cannot wait to tell us exactly what we need. Newly married couple seek advice from a professional.

When James Bond is ordered to go undercover as a female agent no one realise the problems this can cause for the intelligence department. A spoof on how far the service will go to meet its own ends.

Estate Agent:
Owners of buying houses beware when the advertising and promotion of property conflict with reality. Explore the world of the Estate Agents jargon as he informs prospective buyers of their ignorance in not being able to see the bargain in front of them.

Bored Housewives:
Enter the surreal marital life of women who are so bored that energy was a thing of the past. Two women discuss their sex life.

Family crisis when they realise the Government have taken away the law and they are defenceless. How certain members of the family panic when they are no longer constrained by the law.

Send up of comic heroes in this fast paced adventure as women become the new super heroes and men the victims.