Acting Course

If you would like to know more about Brecht and his acting style, then this practical workshop with theoretical input will give you a good understanding of his techniques and how to apply them.

The course will explore Gestus, distancing, narration, tableaux, talking to audience in role, playing more than one role, playing different genders, feelings externalised, proxemics and actor relationship on stage.

The course will also cover – the subject matter, political purpose, and actor audience relationship, stage form, directorial interpretation, and design elements, role of actor and performance style, technical element and audience response.

An open workshop for all those who wish to develop their acting skills, and learn new techniques in a stimulating and enjoyable atmosphere.

Hamilton House 80 Stokes Croft Bristol BS1 3QY 0117-9249599 starting Tuesdays beginning 12th January until 1st March 2016. Times: 7 to 9pm weekly for eight weeks. Course Fees £64.00.

If you need further information email Martine or call 07774550723

During the last thirty five years Martine has set up major arts projects in London, Liverpool, Suffolk, Bath and Bristol. She has also directed and staged numerous classical and contemporary plays for all age groups, in both Stanislavskian and Brechtian styles. Since 1999 her Brechtian style theatre companies have worked in a wide range of environments such as Theatres, Festivals, Streets, Pubs, Clubs, Conferences and Private Houses. Through her company, Drama Experience, she has also run a wide range of workshops in Sociodrama, Improvisation, Stanislavski and Brechtian Acting Techniques, Devising, Directing, Masks, Arts Management, Creative Writing, Play, Youth Work. She has travelled extensively exploring different cultures and spent three years in North America working and experiencing a wide range of theatre and making films. Besides writing and staging over fifty of her own plays, she has written her biography Hidden years, three novels, and published Minor Works, a volume of short stories, and Little bit of Nonsense, a collection of poems. Her other works include a Rock Opera, Psychedelic Dream, and a Hipopera.