About the company

Bristol Experimental Theatre Company was formed in 1999 to develop innovative and radical new work exploring themes of violence and sexual behaviour. A professional independent self financing company working in a Brechtian style of theatre they have performed a wide range of exciting new plays that have been enthusiastically received. Although their uncompromising style is distinctive and provocative, their work is stimulating and entertaining and has created a lot of interest and thoughtful discussion. Most of the plays are usually forty five minutes long, two shown each performance.

Past plays have included Sex Games and Matching Outfits a play of complex sexual games and role play set in the privacy of the bedroom. A world of cross dressing, submission and domination as a married couple explore their identity through sexual discovery and transformation. Politica Erotica An exposure of sexual power games in the corridors of Westminster. A strong single minded politician is drawn into the closed world of sadomasochism and begins the process of finding her true sexual identity. Both plays enthusiastically received at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Tomboys and Sex Objects A play on female aggression, gang culture and societies treatment of working class women. Naked Lies ands Violent Messages Portrays the relationship of four women and explores different aspects of female power and sexuality through their different liaisons. Also looks at how the alienation of men impact on their lives. These plays provoked a wide range of interest at the Edinburgh Festival.

Barely Alive In a suburban dwelling a young woman is held prisoner in a cellar while her gaolers play out sadomasochistic games. The local police acting on local community and surveillance information seek to determine the truth of the activities taking place. This dark comedy explores both reality and sexuality. Crossing the Divide A satirical comedy about a married man decision to explore his femininity. The play follows the trials and tribulations of his cross-dressing and the attitudes he and his wife encounter in the process. Both plays enthusiastically received by a responsive audience.

Bi Chance A thoughtful play about a married couple who find their life in turmoil when the bi-sexual wife falls in love with a female she has met at a disco. Arms and a Woman A satirical look at female soldiers at war and the increasing cynicism of the heroine as she gradually begins to become disillusioned with the political reality of modern warfare.

The companies work has begun to attract a small but dedicated following that thoroughly enjoyed the latest two plays. Packed houses and lots of positive comments about our work have encouraged the company to be more adventurous.

Our latest work includes They’re everywhere but no where set in a brothel where a paedophile and a prostitute explore their identities and sexual nature. In this uncompromising look at sexual abuse we are taken into the hidden depths of the protagonists personalities. Just the Way we Like it In this satirical black comedy we look at family life in the future as a time bomb ticks away and where terrorism dominates all aspects of their life. Boxed in A male and female face each other in a three round boxing match for a bruising emotional and physical conflict. In a no holds barred highly competitive bout without a referee the two combatants use all their skills to win the contest by whatever means available. Without Prejudicea satirical comedy with a biting attack on the systems which are meant to serve our society but which increasingly seem to dominate us. The play follows a single parent with individualistic ideas and her encounter with Social Services, Psychiatry, Police and Legal Services and is able to retain her sanity despite the absurd and bizarre world these institutions are creating.

Two new plays in production, God has arrived and The Dummy for performances later on in the year

The company have also written four Commedia Del Arte plays Samuel Vice, Cute Tips Mary, Lucy Lucket and Feisty Shag the Lad. These bawdy light hearted twenty minute fast moving comedies portray a wide range of outrageous sexual behaviour. Ideal for Festivals, Clubs, Pubs, Street Performances and Social gatherings.

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